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Premium Epoxy Resin Systems For The Automotive Industry

If you operate an automatic workshop, you’ll appreciate the importance of maintaining a clean and secure workspace. This is not only vital for complying with legal regulations but also for boosting productivity.

An epoxy flooring system from Safecoat Flooring presents an excellent solution for your mechanical workshop floor. Enjoy the advantages of a seamless, chemical-resistant, abrasion-resistant and slip-resistant floor that also looks outstanding! Enhance your workplace aesthetics while ensuring safety and efficiency with our quality epoxy flooring solutions.

We also specialise in car park flooring and resurfacing.

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Why Choose Safecoat for your Automotive Flooring Needs?

Safecoat Flooring have been serving the Melbourne commercial and industrial space for over 15 years. This extensive experience has allowed us to amass a wealth of knowledge in flooring solutions and applications, with a special focus on epoxy resin systems and other concrete coatings like polyurethane. We have a deep understanding of the unique demands and challenges various industries face concerning commercial and industrial-grade flooring. We collaborate with reputable and trusted suppliers to ensure we choose the right application for your specific needs in the automotive industry.

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Flooring System for Mechanical Workshops

Safecoat Floors’ epoxy flooring systems for mechanical workshops is engineered to endure the demands of heavy traffic, oil spills, and other potential hazards. It not only provides an added layer of safety with its superior slip resistance but also maintains its clean and sleek appearance for a long-lasting visual appeal, thereby enhancing workflow efficiency.

We offer expert installation services that can be tailored to your business schedule to minimise disruption during operational hours. Our coatings are fast drying and are ready for vehicle traffic within 48 hours. As a result, in a relatively short timeframe, both your employees and customers will appreciate the immediate transformation effect that Safecoat Floors’ epoxy coating systems deliver.

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