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Quality Food Grade Flooring in Melbourne

Polyurethane flooring is a professional food grade flooring choice for food production facilities that want the highest standard of food hygiene production. It’s composition, high quality and anti-bacterial features make it ideal for commercial kitchen and food factory settings.

If you are looking for the best quality food grade epoxy flooring, Safecoat has you covered. Our team of floor applicators will provide expert advice, a professional application and the highest level of standards for all food businesses in Melbourne.

The benefits of choosing polyurethane cement services for your commercial kitchen space are plentiful. Due to its composition, polyurethane flooring sets as a solid, seamless floor coating that can be applied directly to your pre-existing concrete substructure. It’s flawless appearance and seamless design, make it easily maintained and simple to clean, without wearing down over time.

Why Choose Polyurethane Cement for Food Grade Flooring?

Food grade flooring containing polyurethane, is resistant to several liquids and chemicals found in different types of food, which would usually dissolve and eat away at other flooring types. As the surface is seamless, no food particles, dirt or grime can be trapped in cracks, joins and fibres, which harbour harmful bacteria and can cause contamination. Not only that, but it is also heat resistant which is imperative in kitchen settings where hot ovens, food and liquids are always a danger.

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For flooring that is required in a fast timeframe, polyurethane flooring is an ideal choice, as it can set within 24 hours. Unlike other floors that need days or sometimes a full week to properly harden, polyurethane ensures that you’re able to continue your food business as usual.

Another fantastic element is the endless designs, features and colour choices on offer at Safecoat Epoxy Flooring. The clean-cut, professional shine of polyurethane food grade flooring has fast become the number one choice for Melbourne commercial kitchen owners. Perfect for restaurants, food factories, nightclubs, cafés, and many more businesses that require the clean, safe production and distribution of food and beverages.

Using Polyurethane food grade coating has its advantages including:

  • Easy to clean
  • Anti-slip flooring
  • Chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Durable in handling high foot traffic and machinery

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HACCP Flooring Certified

When it comes to food processing environments, HACCP flooring is an important factor when considering food handling and safety. Safecoat Flooring ensures that all flooring installations within processing facilities meet HACCP standards.

For All Your Food Grade Flooring Solutions

Food safety and hygiene are of the upmost importance these days, and strict laws must be adhered to when it comes to all aspects of it. By choosing an application of polyurethane flooring from the professionals at Safecoat Epoxy Flooring, you can be confident in knowing you have the most resilient, durable and attractive floors in the industry. Once you get in touch, one of our flooring experts will assist you with all other steps of your food flooring plan. Contact Safecoat Epoxy Flooring today and get the most affordable quality floors for your commercial kitchen.

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If you have any questions about commercial kitchen flooring, laboratory or manufacturing floor options, we can assist with the right flooring. Talk to our friendly team today for more information or for a free quote.