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Decorative Epoxy Flake Flooring Services

Epoxy Flake flooring is a type of flooring coating that has become increasingly popular over recent years. Commonly used for factory floors, application over existing concrete, food manufacturers, automotive workshops and warehouses.

Decorative Flake Flooring is where there’s a second coat of epoxy flooring that involves Flake applied on top of the finish. This is then finished off with a Polyurethane clear coating to improve its look and durability for heavy foot traffic.

The flake flooring system offers a decorative finish to your floors and is available in a range of colours to choose from. For incredible looking epoxy flake floors for your business, contact Safecoat Flooring.

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Why choose Epoxy Flake Flooring?

Epoxy flake flooring not only offers a hard-wearing, durable flooring surface, it can also look attractive.

Flake flooring is an ideal alternative to traditional epoxy flooring because it can be installed in a range of colours.

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Flake Flooring Vs Regular Epoxy Flooring

The two flooring systems are quite similar, but with flake flooring, when the second coat of epoxy is laid down, a flake is added. This is the material that provides the colour and looks of the finished flooring. Then a final coat of polyurethane is applied to the floor to add extra durability as well as improve its overall appearance.

The Advantages Of Epoxy Flake Flooring

Lasts for years

Decorative flooring will last for many years, even under heavy traffic conditions. When the surface is looking worn out, it can be sanded back, and a new coat can be applied.

Easy to clean

Commercial epoxy decorative flooring is ideal for businesses that are subject to high temperatures. The reason being is that when epoxy flooring is poured, rather than laid like traditional materials such as concrete, it is seamless. This means there are no seams or ridges for dirt and bacteria to hide in which is a huge benefit in terms of cleaning.

Protective from water and chemical spills

Because of its hard-wearing nature, epoxy flake flooring can withstand oil and chemical spills without becoming corroded. This type of flooring is also water-resistant, unlike laminates.

Free from cracks

Epoxy flake flooring is also a superior flooring material when it comes to resisting shocks and heavy falls. It won’t crack, unlike a concrete slab.

Slip-resistant for heavy traffic

Safety in the workplace is always a priority for any business. Hazardous falls can be minimized or even avoided when an anti-slip coat is applied to the product.

Environmentally friendly

This type of flooring even ticks all the boxes environmentally. Epoxy flake flooring won’t flake or corrode so there is no danger that particles will end up in the environment. Installing epoxy flake flooring leaves behind less waste than other more traditional flooring materials. Because epoxy flake flooring is non-porous, harsh cleaning chemicals aren’t required to clean it which not only saves money but also helps to protect our precious waterways.

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