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Flooring for Dairy Processing & Meat Production

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Safecoat has been delivering tailored flooring solutions for dairy production facilities. We understand the unique challenges and needs of dairy producers, and we work hand in hand with our clients to meet their specific demands. We are well aware that any downtime can be costly, hence our commitment to providing durable and long-lasting flooring solutions.

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In dairy processing, several common requirements must be met by the flooring. It should offer a slip-resistant surface to ensure the safety of workers. To guarantee excellent value for money, the flooring should possess substantial wear-resistant properties and prove its longevity over time.

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Flooring solutions to suit your environment

We use the best products and materials designed to withstand harsh conditions. These are resistant to chemicals, heat, and abrasion, ensuring they can endure the rigours of dairy processing environments. Our flooring solutions are solvent-free, aligning with sustainability efforts and promoting healthier indoor air quality.

Finally, easy to clean and low maintenance flooring is a crucial factor. Our applied flooring systems are easy to clean, ensuring hygiene standards are easily maintained. This not only supports daily operations but also contributes to the overall efficiency of the dairy production process. Trust Safecoat for your dairy processing flooring needs – where quality meets durability and safety throughout.

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Where we specialise in

Safecoat Flooring specialises in the installation of high-quality and polished epoxy resin flooring solutions for all aspects of meat manufacturing and food handling facilities, including:

  • Cold Storage and Freezing Units
  • Meat and Poultry Handling Areas
  • Slaughterhouses and Abattoirs
  • Meat Packing Facilities
  • Dairy Processing Rooms