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Premium Epoxy Flooring solutions for shops and the retail industry

If you operate a retail store or shopping centre, solid epoxy flooring is an economical solution for high-traffic retail spaces as it provides a durable and long-lasting finish that can handle heavy foot traffic. The epoxy coating is also resistant to stains and chemicals, making it low maintenance and an easy to clean surface.

Using our epoxy flooring colours and finishes enables you to customise your store’s look that complements your brand and product offerings. Whether you want a gloss or matte finish, choosing an epoxy flooring option from Safecoat Flooring for your showroom or retail space is your go to.

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Why Choose Safecoat for your Automotive Flooring Needs?

Safecoat Flooring have been serving the Melbourne retail outlet space for over 15 years. This extensive experience has allowed us to amass a wealth of knowledge in flooring solutions, with a special focus on epoxy resin systems and other concrete coatings like polyurethane. We have a deep understanding of the unique demands and challenges commercial industries face concerning high traffic flooring. We collaborate with reputable and trusted suppliers to ensure we choose the right application for your specific needs in the retail industry.

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Custom Retail Store Flooring For Unique Brands

From design to durability, Safecoat understands that retail stores require a specific set of flooring criteria, and each brand has its unique look and feel. Safecoat can customise each shop outlet with its own unique floor coating that meets the needs of the business. Whether it requires stencil markings or colours to complement the brand, we have you covered. Our friendly team will work with you to ensure not only a flawless finish to your floors but will ensure there is little to no downtime.

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The Benefits of Epoxy For Your Retail Space

Retail shops and shopping centres present a challenging environment when it comes to floor surfacing. Store outlets are subject to high foot traffic so it’s essential that the floor not only looks attractive but can withstand the demanding customer walk ins. So, what is the best flooring for retail shops? Epoxy flooring is the most recommended for this type of floor coating and here are the top reasons why:

High durability – Epoxy is hard wearing and has a longer lifespan than other flooring options.

Stain resistance – Epoxy forms a hard coating that is waterproof and protective, nothing seeps through it into the underlying layers.

Easy to maintain – Maintaining epoxy floors is as simple as mopping your floors using soapy water and standard cleaning products.

Minimal business disruption – Retail stores cannot afford to shut for long periods of time while floors are being installed. Epoxy floors are the perfect solution as the products that are used have a fast curing time, with minimal odour.

Invest in Safecoat Flooring for an enhanced, safe, and efficient retail shop flooring space.