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Epoxy Flooring For Your Commercial & Industrial Space

Specialising in epoxy flooring services, we offer non-slip, epoxy flake flooring, concrete epoxy floors and much more. Epoxy Flooring for your workplace environment is a safe and durable option that meets both industrial and food-grade standards.

Our business can advise on client projects and design plus provide a range of flooring services. This includes decorative vinyl chip flooring, line marking with a variety of colours to choose from, to meet your design aspirations.

If you’re looking for a high-quality flooring finish for your business, get in touch with our friendly staff at Safecoat Flooring and get a free quote today.

Why choose Epoxy Floors?

When epoxy flooring has been applied to the ground’s surface, it will protect your floors from dust, stains, chemical spills and provide a safe environment for your workplace and other foot traffic.

Epoxy floors are suitable to use for new and old concrete floors completed in a range of different finishing options. The complete coating finishes ensure your Epoxy floors are fully protected from f

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