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Transform Floors with our Concrete Grinding and Sealing Services

The grind and seal option for commercial spaces is amongst one of the more popular finishes. So if you have concrete surfaces you’re looking to rejuvenate, let’s give you a floor that not only looks good but will last for many years to come.

Our experience of over 15 years in the industry speaks for itself, and is one of the reasons Melbourne commercial and industrial property owners choose us.

If you’re looking for concrete grinding and sealing in Melbourne, then Safecoat Flooring has you covered.

Why choose Grind & Seal for your polished concrete floors?

Safecoat Flooring are your local concrete grinding and sealing company that has been transforming impressive concrete floors close to two decades. We offer tailor-made designs for your concrete using the best quality products with no hidden charges. Our prices are fixed with upfront customer service. We’re fully insured, qualified and reliable (OHS compliant) to complete all concrete services within the commercial and industrial sectors.


Benefits of Grind & Seal concrete finishes

Concrete floors are everywhere across Melbourne – from cafes to restaurants to warehouses. But, after some time, the concrete tends to crack, stain, or become worn out from heavy foot traffic or equipment movements.

One of the reasons for opting to grind and seal concrete floors is its affordable cost for making your existing concrete surfaces look good as new.

Being a popular choice for concrete resurfacing, grinding and sealing your commercial floors comes with many benefits:

  • Low maintenance with long lifespan
  • High durability
  • Environmentally friendly, only use water to clean
  • Attractive Finishes for all different settings
  • Cost-Effective to revitalising your existing concrete floors
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